Monthly Archives: January 2013

Day 29

I noticed a rather large spider crawling down the wall in my office and took this on the off-chance it might be worthy of today’s shot. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out and the black and white conversion has given it quite an arty feel, along with the blur of spider movement.Day 29

Day 28

If I don’t manage to shoot anything during the day, these cold and wet winter nights are proving a challenge to get a shot. I’ve got a few ideas stored up and ready to fall back on, but these are rapidly running out. Today’s shot is one off the list and it is of my son’s blanket, which is so soft even I would love to fall asleep in it.Day 28

Day 25

The snow is due to disappear over the weekend so I had to grab one more shot of it before the rain comes. I’ve been looking at this area of snow all week and thinking there was a picture in there somewhere and today I decided it was these animal footprints that would be the focus. Day 25

Day 22

This morning was one of those days when I wished I was nestled in a pre-determined location with full camera gear, checking and rechecking composition and settings, wrapped up warm, flask of tea close to hand, waiting for the light. Instead, I had to make do with taking this through my car window on the way to work.Day 22