So what can you expect to see from my Project 365?

I want to challenge myself to be more creative with a camera, especially as I know very well I’m not going to be able to get out every day with the DSLR on a pre-planned excursion. I’ll need to become more aware of my daily surroundings and therefore, the Canon compact or iPhone will have to be at hand.

I plan to try some new techniques – maybe some intentional camera movement (ICM) and star trails (if the appalling low light ability of the 30D will stretch that far) to name a couple. On desperate days where time is of the essence (I have a 9-week old – at time of going to press – so surely that will be every day?) I’ll no doubt be scrabbling around the house to find an inanimate object to position in as interesting a way as possible.

Whatever it is you see, I’m sure it’ll have an underlying curve of the learning variety.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lindsay Newton

    Hi Andrew, Really enjoy seeing your new photographs everyday. What a great idea to take one everyday and what a real challenge. I particularly like the evening city shot looking towards the hills as it makes me think of you going home. Really looking forward to following you over the coming months. Best wishes, Lindsay

    1. Andrew

      Thanks for the comment, Lindsay, very much appreciated. I’m sure it will be quite a challenge some days to get a shot but that’s what makes it exciting. I like the going home shots too and it won’t be long before the days get longer and it won’t be so dark.

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