Day 13

I’ve wanted to try a bit of intentional camera movement (ICM) for a while now – a technique that involves ┬ádeliberately moving the camera while taking a shot with a longer exposure. This could involve panning to follow moving objects like racing cars, or like this shot, moving the camera when pointed at stationary objects. This is a shot of a number of trees and I’ve moved the camera up during the exposure.Day 13

2 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. Marty

    I really love these kinds of shots. There’s a variant where you set off a 5 second exposure and literally throw the camera in the air while it’s exposing, then (hopefully) catch it as it comes down. I keep meaning to try it, but chucking the 1D in the air makes me scared…

    1. Andy Post author

      I’m really enjoying the ICM stuff, but can’t say I fancy throwing the camera in the air even if the results could be quite interesting! I’ll keep experimenting with this and hope to post some more like it in the future.

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