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Day 43

I was taken by how clear the reflection was in the perfectly still flood water on the racecourse. However, before I had chance to get the iPhone out of my bag, a dog walker threw a stick in the water for her pet to retrieve. Gone was the pristine reflection and while I waited as long as I could for the water to settle the mirrored surface never returned. Day 43

Day 40

The tree in the centre is the same one that featured in yesterday’s shot, but taken from a different angle. Probably not my preferred composition for this one, but I wanted to show the flooded path on the left. A lot of the time photography is about luck and I just happened to be taking this shot when the seagulls decided to leave en masse.Day 40

Day 35

Following the snow, the rain and flood water returned. Although it has gone down quite lot, the racecourse still has a fair amount of water on the paths and course itself, which makes certain areas impassable. Day 35